Short Stories:

The Boy and the Cat (flash) – This piece of flash fiction (a standalone piece, typically a page or less) was submitted as part of my final portfolio for my advanced fiction workshop (spring 2019). While it began a bit different, I revised the piece to more properly fit the constraints of flash fiction – a type of writing that I have found to be quite challenging, as I prefer more long form. However, I was pleased with the turn out, and so was my professor (which was a feat of its own).

*If your curious about what the original piece was like – a revised version, free from the constraints of class and flash fiction, can be found on my blog (by the same title) or here: The Boy and the Cat (novel opening/excerpt)

Sunny with a Chance of Showers – This short story was submitted as part of my final portfolio for my advanced fiction workshop (spring 2019). The idea was actually sparked by a friend of mine from Syracuse, who I happen to run into quite frequently on campus, however it became a bit more twisted the more I wrote.

A Faith in the Stars – A short piece written for my first advanced fiction workshop. I’d wanted to write something about people who call themselves star chasers. I had an inspiring professor. Here’s what happened when I combined them.

The Smell of Lavender – This is a piece I wrote for an introductory fiction workshop at Syracuse University my sophomore year. As it was my first fiction writing class and the first piece I wrote, as well as the story I chose to revise for the final project, it evidently holds an important place in my heart. While I am putting it here as a sample of my writing, and it stands complete as is, deep down I feel I am not yet done with this story, these characters, the marina.

The Checkered Umbrella – I wrote this during my freshmen year of high school in my creative writing class. No it isn’t perfect, and you can bet I’d write it differently now, but I was proud of it at the time and I still am.



Macadamia Street Theater (Pilot) – My first attempt at writing my very own television episode pilot, submitted as the final project for my major specialization course, Writing for the One Hour Drama.

Shepherd’s Pie and Guiness Cake – A short script written for my first screenwriting class. The assignment was to write an original piece that emphasized action and description over dialogue.